Visualised Framing

See it on the Computer Screen - Before you Hang it on the Wall

At Frames and Finishes you can 'See' your finished framed items before they are framed!

1.  Choose a couple of Frame and Mat Board selections to match
      your art

2.  We photograph your art with our Visualisation Camera

3.  You can view your art on the Visualisation Screen and
     choose which style of frame or mat board looks best
     with your art.

4.  Then we complete your framing for you as per the screen
     image you have chosen.
  Collage of photos to be Visualised prior to framing

Frames and Finishes Visualised Framing          Frames and Finishes Visualised Framing


See how your framing looks on the Computer Screen first -
then choose which Frame and Mat Board you prefer.