Circa 1700 to 2000

There is a huge range of prints available to suit the taste and décor of the discerning consumer. Framing choices are dictated by conservation requirements, colour, interior design and budget. Currently available are standard commercial prints and specialty prints from the "Thomas Ross Collection" and an exciting variety of limited edition prints. This diversity provides the consumer with a variety of choices and the ability to actively decide style and value of prints in which they invest.

CDs and catalogues are available for loan for a short period of time to view samples in your own home.


Standard Collection

We have a very comprehensive range of catalogues in our standard collection comprising over 2000 well known and popular prints to choose from.

These catalogues are available for loan for short periods of time so that you can discuss the suitablity of an art print in your own home.


Frames and Finishes van Gogh  Cafe Terrace at Night

  van Gogh – Cafe Terrace at Night


Frames and Finishes Picasso  hand with Bouquet

Picasso – hand with Bouquet

Thomas Ross Collection

Frames andFinishes Thomas Ross signature

The Thomas Ross Collection

For hundreds of years the skill of craftsman and artists have created the lasting art-forms known as engraving and etching. This is an introductory glimpse into the art and craft associated with the original form of art publishing, at the old established firm of Thomas Ross

Hand Printing
At Thomas Ross, little has changed in methods since the earliest days of the firm in 1700. To begin printing, the copper plate (often a century or more old) is coated with highly viscous ink. The printer then works the ink using his hand and a special form of muslin into the fine etched and engraved lines and crevices of the plate, whilst wiping the excess from the plate surface.

After printing theses exquisite pieces are water-coloured individually by artists in the studio following original patterns and using methods passed down over the centuries.

Our catalogues consist of over 600 hand coloured prints. For a full listing of prints please consult our catalogues at the shop. Both CDs and catalogues are available for loan for a short period of time.