3D Objects

3D objects require specialized treatments often including facility for removal from the frame for wearing, reading or handling.

Very large artworks or collage of 3D items have special requirements due to their size.

First and foremost the consideration should be the value and safety of the object.

An expertise in textiles has allowed us to explore many options, which can be useful in hanging a large variety of items SAFELY on your wall.

Many unusual objects or eclectic collections when assembled can create interesting and unique wall displays.

Frames and Finishes 3D framing objects

Memories – personal and inherited. The little things in life can be the most interesting and cherished.

Frames and Finishes 3D framing

First bracelet to badges acquired in early adulthood.

Frames and Finishes 3D framing

Frames and Finishes 3D framing

"Schooldays are the best days of your life" – always quoted by parents and seldom listened to by children. Keeping and framing the memorabilia will be valued later on.